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    This thread is a comprehensive list of the server rules. Most rules can be found on /rules and /rules 2, but that's not very detailed. This thread explains what the rules are, and what they mean.

    The following rules are global:

    • No excessive use of caps
    Using caps for more than 4 words in a row or 15 characters is considered excessive.
    • No spamming
    The following constitutes as spam;
    - 3+ identical or very similar messages in a short burst of time
    - 5+ identical or very similar messages over a longer period of time
    - 10+ of the same character, or just gibberish e.g. "oooooooooooooooooo" or "dhjgfhvghshfsdhv"
    - General nonsense // troll messages e.g. "alt f4 for free keys" if the server is full
    - Using alphabets or fonts other than English & Default will be treated as spam. Other languages are allowed in chat, as long as they're using the same, or a very similar, alphabet.
    • No swearing / cussing
    - Do not bypass the swear filter e.g. "fvck"
    - Excessive cursing that the filter catches is also muteable e.g. “****”.
    - Acronyms such as "wtf" or "stfu" are not against the rules
    - Discriminatory language falls under the next rule, not this one.
    • No being disrespectful
    We give a certain amount of leeway for general saltiness and banter, but there is a line - be careful not to cross it.
    - Excessively being rude to a player, staff or group of players will get you muted. Just use common sense, if your mother wouldn't let you say it, don't say it.
    - Any discriminatory language will be treated as disrespect e.g. the N word, "faggot" etc.
    - Encouraging suicide or making physical threats will not be tolerated. This includes the acronym "kys".
    • No harassment
    Repeatedly targeting a player with mean comments or jokes, releasing any personal information a player doesn't want released, making sexual references without consent - all of these things will not be tolerated. We want a friendly environment for players, and will work to ensure there is one.
    • No abusing bugs of any kind (And illegal things to do/craft!)
    Using any feature or bug that was strictly not intended in either Minecraft or a plugin for personal gain, this includes but is not limited to glitching in any way into bases (Use a cannon, or have someone TP you inside), duplicating items etc.
    - Redstone flying machines are NOT allowed.
    - Portalling into someone's base IS allowed. This is part of Minecraft and is easily defendable against.
    - Do not craft or use Shulker Shells, Elytras or Shulker Boxes on factions. All of these things are however legal on Skyblock.
    • No advertising
    Light advertising is:
    - Asking players to join a competing server such as the Archon via mentioning the servers name in general conversation. This excludes servers like Mineplex, Hypixel and Badlion as they are not competitors and are of a level of notoriety that means they don't need advertising.
    - Advertising YouTube or Twitch channels that do not contain Skycade content. This includes just telling players the name, or posting the link.

    Advertising is:
    - Trying to recruit players to a competing server by giving out the IP.
    - Any short link or link that doesn't go to a trusted website (YouTube, Instagram etc) - biturl's for example. These may be IP grabbers, so don't click them!
    • No asking staff for items / free things
    Does what it says on the tin. Don't be a pain. If you need something, go work for it, like the rest of us. If you're asking for stuff because of an issue caused by the server, then of course, we're happy to help - otherwise, just don't be lazy.
    • No alt abusing / public alts
    Each IP is allowed 5 accounts connected to it. That can be your main account and 4 alts or you and a brother with 3 alts etc. Don't go over 5 accounts, or you'll be perm banned.
    Public alts are not allowed. If you log into Skycade, the account should be secure and it should belong to you or someone that is aware you are using their account.
    • No inappropriate skins or Minecraft usernames
    Your skin and username should be clear of any inappropriate content, this can range from sexual imagery to disrespectful or bigoted images such as a swastika.
    Any words caught by the filter that are in a username intentionally (I.e. "fuck" would be intentional, but "Assassin", though it has "ass" in it, is fine.) will be banned.
    If you're not sure it'll be allowed, chances are it won't be. So don't take the risk.
    • No ban or mute evading
    If you've been banned or muted you can appeal, but don't evade your punishment. Evading a punishment can range from going on an alternate account to avoid the punishment or using signs to avoid a mute.
    If you were banned, you're not allowed to log on - on any account - until the ban is up. If you're muted, you're not allowed to communicate with players on the server in any way be it with signs, pet names or an alternate account. Just wait out your punishment, or appeal.
    • No inappropriate item names or builds.
    If you're not allowed to say it in chat, you're not allowed to rename an item it or build it, or something clearly depicting it. Simple as that, really. Disrespect and inappropriate language rules apply to item names and builds. This means no swastikas in your base, or no swords named "fuck".
    • No hacking / using unapproved mods
    - No hacked clients. Period.
    - No xray mods, texture packs or machines.
    - If you're using a mod that isn't on the approved mods list, you risk being banned. If you'd like a mod added to the approved mods list, you can message myself or any SrMod+ about it on the forums.
    The list of mods you are allowed to use can be found >> HERE <<
    • Don't scam, or attempt to scam, or trade with anyone out of IRL money / In store purchases
    Scamming on Skycade is allowed. Scamming someone out of IRL money, or scamming someone so that they spend money on our store for you, is both not allowed on Skycade and illegal in real life.
    Anyone caught scamming, or attempting to scam in this manner will be permanently removed from our network.
    Trading in game items for real money is not allowed, and heavily discouraged as it risks that the person chargeback - which causes trouble for us, and you, because of an account charges back, then the Minecraft account associated with it is permbanned from Skycade.
    I'd advise just spending your own money, or if you're unable to, then accept the risk you're taking - it is of no responsibility of ours.

    • /F fly can only be used for very specific purposes.
    As you may or may not know, on factions all players have access to the command "/f fly" within their claimed land. This allows them to fly freely in their claimed land, unless a player that is not an ally enters the claimed land, in which case it will disable.

    - /f fly can only be used in your base or in what is soon to be your base, or in an area where you plan to, or are, building a cannon. It cannot be used to chase people, find other people's bases faster or to bridge out in the end. This will result in a ban for bug abuse.
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    • No cobblestone monsters on factions or opfactions, quite simple!

    The following rules are Skyblock and SMP specific:

    • No griefing

      [*]No cobblestone monster, no inappropriate or intentionally awful builds, and no ruining other people's builds! Even if they're unclaimed, if you ruin them you'll be punished.

    • Don't TP trap! It'll result in a ban.
    TP trapping includes anything from TPA trapping to IS warp trapping. You are not allowed to TP players into a trap or have your island warp set up as a trap so that you can kill them or stop them from playing freely. It'll result in a ban.

    • Don't scam!
    Scamming includes IRL and in game scamming, quite obvious what it means really. Just don't agree to a deal and then scam your way out of it for your own benefit.

    • Don't abuse the no PvP zones to get kills
    Where PvP is disabled you cannot abuse this fact to get killed, for example by putting lava on people or digging the ground beneath them so they fall to death.

    The punishment timelines are as follows, but staff are able to deviate from these guidelines under certain circumstances. SrMods and above in particular have the most discretion.

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