by Jack at 3:39 AM
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As well as announcing the reset time tomorrow (see post below) I thought I should also let you know that we intend to close the Creative server down later next week.

Creative was a gamemode added during the Wrath of Dangthatsalongname, to appeal to his younger audience, when he was temporarily made owner of the server while I was dead.

As I have a slightly older teenage audience, aspire to create a successful PVP orientated server, and because no one plays it anyway, we concluded there is no place for Creative on Skycade.

We're leaving it up for the next 5-6 days to give you one last chance to take any screenshots of your builds and take a final stroll through the plots allowing you to reminisce all the magical times spent within this redunant monstrosity/

Shout out to Joe for never actually building a portal from Creative back into Factions even though I moaned about it everyday.

The new factions spawn doesn't have a creative portal so after the reset you'll need to do...
by Jack at 11:30 PM
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Factions will be resetting at 12 noon tomorrow!

That's the 13th of November, UK time. After this point the Purge will end and hacking will be bannable again.

Can't wait for you all to see the new spawn! :D
by Jack at 5:01 AM
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As many of you know at 8:30pm on the 11th of November we will be starting a Purge that is likely to last until the server resets on the 13th November.

Obviously we've never done something like that so I've no idea how it's going to go down, but I thought i'd just try and clear up a few things.

During the Purge hacking is allowed. If you hack before the Purge officially starts, or after it officially ends you will be banned as normal.

At some point I will probably turn the anti-cheat off so that we all have a lot more freedom to hack without getting kicked constantly, but I wanna see how things go with it active first.

Chat rules, for the most part, will still apply in chat. So you can't just start being racist, swearing or spamming over and over. You'll be muted as normal if you're caught doing that.

Gotten a few questions about ban evading, and honestly I say go for it. Why the bloody hell not. But of course, if you get cheeky and attempt to ban evade after the Purge,...
by Jack at 10:41 PM
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If you've seen my latest video you'll know that I announced that the Factions map will be resetting on the 12th of November! We don't have a specific time of day planned yet but stay tuned while we work all that stuff out.

We'll be making lots of little changes to the server when we reset, no $300 Immortal ranks or anything like that don't worry, but we do want to add some new plugins, tweak some old ones etc. So if you have any suggestions then let me know down below.

Joe and I have been working on the new spawn for the last 2 weeks or so and I shall post some little teaser pictures on here soon (once I work out how to install shaders!).

We'll also be doing lots of events and recordings before we reset. If you have an epic base built that you'd like me to do a Base Tour video of then maybe post a couple of screenshots on this thread. If you want to organize a big epic raid with lots of pvp and throat slitting then we could probably sort that out too. We'll be...
by Dwayne at 9:04 AM
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Hello everyone!

Recently we got a suggestion on the forums about introducing King of the Hill into the server, a game that requires you and your faction to hold position on a certain hill. If you are to stay on the hill for the required time with your faction without being knocked off you will win the game, and a chest with some cool rewards will spawn.

This addition to Skycade has previously been suggested, but at the time we were unable to implement this addition due to lack of existing plugins and or a developer with the time and recourses to pull this off.

However at this time it is not so much of an issue for us to implement this, and we have! The event is scheduled on 2 days in the week: Friday and Sunday at 8 PM UK time. We're of opinion that 8 PM UK time covers the time zones in both the UK and US.

The prizes of these events can always change and we will therefore not give any accurate list of items that you can win, but it includes crate keys!

There has been some...
by Jack at 11:59 AM
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So something that me and the rest of the community have been wanting for a while is the ability to /fly within your own claimed land!

We've just made this feature live so i'm sure there will be a few kinks to iron out but hopefully this'll be an awesome change to spice things up.

You should also click here to check out supporter rank, which we've just added to the store!

One of the things we need to improve on is keeping the community in the loop so expect lots more of these little update logs :)
by Dwayne at 11:06 AM
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Hello everyone!

This post is just a quick overview of small updates and fixes we have pushed over the last week.

We introduced a number of new cool Titles in our store for a new and cool appearance in the chat! You can check them out here in our store.

Auction House
After a lot of struggle with the current Auction House plugin in the past we managed to patch the plugin up, and have re introduced the limit of 2 items for every player. While this may seem like a low number to you guys we remain open for suggestions on different numbers of items.

It is also no longer possible to use the Auction House as a way of storing your items in Combat.

Planet Minecraft voting site
The Planet Minecraft voting site is finally working again and rewarding players with keys, we apologize for the long wait on this matter.

We have still not responded on the mcMMO matter which we posted about a good...
by Dwayne at 10:05 PM
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Lately we've been discussing adding mcMMO to SkyCade. We've always been against it but think it could make a nice addition of entertainment while grinding, farming and the like.

Now if we were to add mcMMO we ourselves would definitely not like to see the combat aspects in the game, that being said: axes, swords, unarmed, archery and the fighting of companions.

Let us know what your opinion is about adding mcMMO using the poll in this thread.
by WelshAlex at 11:49 PM
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From this point onward players have two weeks to appeal against a ban or a mute if they think the evidence is insufficient / false!

After two weeks the evidence will be assumed as true / correct and will no longer be up for debate - allowing staff to delete it without worry of appeal.

We took this decision because of three reasons:

- Evidence takes up a lot of hard drive space, particularly video evidence, and is very hard to keep track of.
- Two weeks is plenty of time to appeal a claimed false ban!
- If a staff member leaves the team, the players they punished can't simply be unbanned / muted.

Players that fail to appeal within two weeks can of course still appeal on other grounds e.g. apologising and accepting they were wrong.
by Joe at 10:25 PM
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Hey everyone!

Voting for Skycade on server lists is extremely important, it gives the server external promotion and raises the player count. The more votes we get, the larger our community gets!

As you probably know, we've been rewarding those who vote for a while with Voting Keys, which, although not giving the super OP items that Mystery Crates do, still allow the chance of winning some pretty awesome gear. From money to bedrock, TNT to obsidian, the opportunity to open three crates a day has been available.

Now, however, we want to thank you for your support in voting and are now offering MYSTERY CRATE KEYS as a reward for your continuous voting and support on the server. Down below are the rewards for voting a certain number of times:

25 votes = 1 mysterycrate key
50 = 2 mysterycrate key
100 = 5 mysterycrate keys

That's right folks, voting for the server 100 times will result in you bagging 5 Mystery Crate Keys to use whenever you please. Cool, eh? And the rewards don't...