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That's right, KitPvP is 1.8 now and we have a brand new map!

All player statistics have been reset, and that means a fresh start. We have a new map that is nice and flat for your ideal PvP experience.

To celebrate this we're having a competition, the 3 people with the most kills a week from now (Saturday, 4pm) will get themselves 20 KitPvP crate keys.

Enjoy, and good luck!
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Factions and OPFactions

The following updates will be released on Saturday, October 14th! The server will be going down for an hour at 5pm BST to 6pm BST so we can implement these awesome changes, and when we're back up they'll be there for you to enjoy. We'll be hosting the first Conquests at 7pm BST (OPFacs) and 8pm BST (ClassicFacs) that very evening!


Conquest is a PvP event focused in one big building. There are capture zones that if someone stands on they start 'capturing' and earning points for their faction, they keep earning points until they are hit off of the zone or they win! The 3 factions with the most points at the end will win f top points and some keys.
These will be hosted less often than Airdrops because they're worth more f top points and we really expect you...
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A couple of weeks ago we announced that youtubers @Generzon & @Char would be joining the Skycade team and recording content for OP Factions. In that short space of time collectively they have already released 14 Skycade related videos! Big shoutout to them for helping make OP Factions currently our most popular gamemode!

Today I am excited to announce that @falsesymmetry will also be joining the Skycade team! She is a great youtuber with over 100,000 subscribers!! False will be recording content for SMP. I am sure you are aware that SMP has a lot of potential but recently the player count has died down a lot. I am sure that False will help bring the gamemode back to life and I am excited to watch her first episode.

You can subscribe to False by clicking here.

Please give a warm welcome to our newest youtuber in the comments down below!


(I have launched...
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Hello Skycade!

The maintenance is over :)

We are currently doing a round of maintenance on our website, this mainly in result to the mail issues we've been having on the forums. E-mails currently are being send out again, for the rest of the day there may be small amounts of downtime of 5 to 20 minutes.

The following domains will be affected:

The following domain will NOT be affected:

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So since the last staff blog a lot has happened including the launch of OP Factions and Classic Factions, these launches went awesomely and we didn't expect such a good response! The jump in players has been fantastic to see and we hope you're all enjoying yourselves. This increase in players comes with its downsides, including more hackers and a busy busy chat! We've taken steps to alleviate this by making changes to how the staff team functions. You can read about that here. But that leads me onto my next point...

Staff Applications

Staff Applications are OPEN! This won't be news to those of you that have played for a while, as they're always open. But for the new players or those that might've not known, we have applications for helper and we're in need of more staff so if you're interested and feel you could do the job then feel free to apply...
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I am pleased to announce that tonight at 8pm BST the Purge will commence.

- Hacking is allowed on factions.
- Normal chat rules still apply.
- Alt limit still applies.
- FACTIONS ONLY. Hacking on Skyblock, SMP or KitPvP is not allowed.
- PvP will be enabled at spawn.
- At some point after 8pm spawn will be unclaimed and you'll be able to grief the joint.
- The player count will likely be limited initially to TRY and prevent lag.
- There WILL be lag at various points during this event. Don't shout at us, you scumbags want this.
- This runs from 8pm until we go down tomorrow for the reset. Anyone hacking after we reset / launch should be banned.

We will announce on twitter and ingame when the Purge kit becomes available on the store (should be in about an hour). Once purchased you'll be able to /kit purge every 15 minutes and redeem OP gear, you'll also get the rare dark red name tag that will last...
by Jack at 10:04 PM
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With the launch of OP Factions this weekend it was about time we invited some new youtubers to join the team. I am super excited to announce that this weekend @Generzon & @Char will be beginning their new series over on Skycade!!

Gen and Char will be focusing their attention on an OP Factions Let's Play multiple times a week, as well as the odd Trolling video every so often!

They're both great people and I am really looking forward to working with them (/trolling them for clickbait).

Make sure you're subscribed to both of their channels so you don't miss out on any Skycade content:
- Generzon
- Char

In the future I hope to get even more awesome Youtubers creating Skycade content so that we can continue to grow the server and reach our 1000 player goal! :D

Remember this...
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Hello everyone! You may have noticed over the past week some changes to certain staff ranks. These changes are part of a complete staff overhaul that we have been working on in order to improve motivation and efficiency. The following picture and explanations will elaborate on what these changes entail.

Jack - Owner and final decision maker.

System Admin - Currently Dwayne. In charge of ensuring the smooth running of plugins and the physical server. Organises the developers.

Developer(s) - Currently Ricky. Develops plugins for the server.

Staff Manager - Currently Holly. Manages all things staff related, including promotions, demotions, applications and monitoring activity.

Community Manager - Currently Alex. Manages the server and community. Responsible for all things server related, the price of dirt, the rules, the timing of resets and so on. They are also responsible for the forums, events and media. Working closely with the Staff Manager and Admin(s) the Community Manager...
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As most of you know, we reset factions in 1 week (September 16th) and as we do so we're also releasing OP Factions. You can read about that more here. Here's the specifications for those gamemodes.

Classic Factions

  • Borders: Overworld is 15 thousand, End is 6 thousand and the Nether is 3 thousand.
  • No water in the Nether
  • No Withers
  • Custom /f top system (explained below)
  • /logout system (explained below)
  • 10 second enderpearl cooldown
  • Enderpearls work in combat and claims
  • /tntfill to easily fill up dispensers in cannons!
  • Entities disappear over Y level 256 so no roof cannons
  • The end has a layer of bedrock at the bottom to stack on
  • Protection 4 Sharpness 5 is the top, so default levels of enchantment
  • Custom enchants: Boots that give you constant speed 2, a helmet that feeds you as you move about.
  • Spawner based...
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So the long awaited day has finally come, the factions reset is upon us. If you've kept up to date on announcements you'll know already that the next season of factions will be in the 1.8 version of Minecraft, this improves both PvP and cannons - you can read about that here. This change is not the only change we've made as you'll see later in the post, we've added new features to make the gamemode more competitive and fun as we move further towards what's known as Skycade 2.0.

As the title suggests, we're not just resetting our current map, we're also introducing a new gamemode to Skycade: OPFactions.
OPFactions is the same concept as regular factions, you make your faction, you grind out your base and you battle it out! Raid, PvP, get rich and crush the competition! The differences are that OPFactions has higher enchantments, so you can get up to protection 25 for example,...