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Yes, you read that right, Prison... on Skycade. Shocker I know!

We feel we've reached a point where we can expand the network further and open more opportunities for growth as well as provide you guys - our dedicated community - yet another gamemode to play on without having to worry too much about spending money to get ahead.

I think first and foremost I should say that this server wasn't designed or developed by us, the server initially launched a year or so ago by our good friend Peraldon and his partner in this project ASFJerome, so there's a decent chance a few of you might have already played it or seen his videos on it!
The server closed down several months ago so we decided to purchase it from Peraldon.
If you ever played there or have seen his streams you'll know that the server had ranks - rest assured no ranks will be in the Skycade version.

Now onto the part you'll actually care about: the gamemode itself.
This server is massively customised with custom enchants, a...
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Ewph, it has been a while since I made one of these - nearly 2 months! It was the holiday season though so forgive the wait.

But that does mean there has been a whole lot of changes since our last blog, but before we hop into all of that I just want to acknowledge the factions reset which you can read about here. The reset went amazingly, we broke our player record hitting 1,164 players on the network at one time and have since been over 1,000 several times. This is incredible and we'd like to thank you all for the continued support over the past 2 years.
Now let's hop into the updates:

Build Changes

We have a new hub! You may or may not have noticed but the hub is styled in a Red v Blue style, blue representing the non-PvP focused gamemodes and red representing our PvP gamemodes. As well as it being a new build you can now fly around on the 'Fly Pearls' and ride your pets...
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Before I jump into the timetable I want to thank you guys for the awesome start to season 8 and note that we hit 1000 players for the first time in Skycade's history, which is incredible! Anyway, here's the schedule:


Conquests will be held once a week on each gamemode!
OP Factions: Saturday 7pm UK time
Classic Factions: Sunday 7pm UK time


Airdrops will be held once every week day on both gamemodes at the same time!
OP and Classic: Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10pm UK time
OP and Classic: Tuesday and Thursday at 7pm UK time

Hopefully this combined with the f top changes makes the season a more fun, competitive season than ever before!

Enjoy xo
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This is not a test. This is your emergency broadcast system announcing the commencement of the Seasonal Purge sanctioned by the Skycade Management.
As you should all know by now OP factions and Classic factions reset on the 16th of December at 5pm UK time, you can read all about that here.

But... well, you've all been asking if it's happening and here it is... your seasonal purge. This marks the end of season 7, once the map goes down the purge is over!
Release your inner demons with 20ish hours of hacking and griefing from 7pm UK time on the 15th of December (Friday) until the map resets and we move into season 8 at 5pm UK time the next day.

All chat rules still apply and you will be muted if you break them, all ban rules still apply apart from our rule against hacking. For the 20ish hours during the purge you will be allowed to hack and grief spawn and do about anything you'd like. Remember...
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The time has come for this season to come to an end, we'll be resetting both servers on the 16th of December at 5pm UK time with so many updates.
As most of you know this season was our first season back on 1.8 and we introduced a load of new features including Conquest, Airdrop and a custom /f top and personally I think this has been the most enjoyable season Skycade's had so far. For the reset we've used this season as a foundation and just built onto it, making quite a lot of changes as I'm about to list, if it's not listed here it's not changing (like the border size, ally limit and so on):

Changes that we've made to both servers

- We're changing f top! We're splitting f top into 2 segments, the first being achievement points and the 2nd being points you earn through Airdrops and Conquests. We're also introducing a way for you to lose the f top points earned through Conquest or Airdrops, though not achievements. If you're killed in your own claim then...
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Feels like I say this almost every blog now but it has been a while since I've written one of these!
Since the last staff blog a whole lot has happened but mainly Skyblock, which you can read about here.

Skyblock changes since the announcement

- We've expanded the shop to include some more items previously unobtainable, and you can suggest more items in suggestions.
- We've added /xpbottle and /ptime to the permissions pack
- Optimisations to reduce lag (these are ongoing)
- Several bug fixes like removing /is minishop
- Added a bulk sell option to the shop
- Added playershops
- We've introduced an /is trust command - it's like /is coop but isn't removed if you log out.
- Preparing behind the scenes for a cool future update
- Preparing some more builds for some cool future stuff!

Store Stuff

- On Friday we'll be adding a few new suffixes for Black Friday and doing...
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About 6 or 7 months ago we took over Skyblock from a server Jack used to own - EvoPvP - that was closing down. Since then very little changes or updates have been made to the gamemode and it has turned into a lovely little community of its own on Skycade.

After so many months without updates or changes, and after so many suggestions we came up with a comprehensive plan for improving Skyblock. Unfortunately for many of these changes to take effect we need to reset (you'll understand when you read the list). On the 18th of November Skyblock will be resetting and we'll be relaunching it as a massively improved and hopefully rejuvenated gamemode! The new Skyblock will be 1.12.1 to let you all use the cool new blocks and such.
The gamemode is changing quite massively, we think it's for the better and hopefully you will too! Here's a list of changes/updates we're introducing for the new and improved gamemode:

  • Custom enchants; Speed 2 boots, leaping leggings, haste 2...
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Hello Everyone!

As you may know, with Skycade factions now supporting 1.8, quite a bit of Jack's official texture pack has been broken. This update fixes everything!
-Removed most of the 3D textures. Sadly, this was the most broken thing with 1.8. Doors, Trapdoors, Cakes, and Lily Pads are the only remaining 3D textures.
-Added new paintings! All updated with new, fancy fan art!
-Grass and trees now have a default colormap, no more of the ugly, bright green!
-SHORT SWORDS. Ask, and you shall receive.
-A fancy custom title for the title screen, and some nice new splash text. Includes (most) of the suffixes!
-Beetroots have been replaced with Eggplants!!!
-Fixed a few bugs where some texture variations would break. These include:
-Red Mushroom Blocks
-Cake Tops
-Brewing Stands
-And many more!
-And, finally, a small easter egg. PM me if you find it, first one to find it...
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It's time... to face... THE MUSIC. No, it's time to have a Skyblock competition. The competition is simple: build something Halloween themed on Skyblock and post your screenshots below (use imgur or some other website, or embed them). There are a couple rules to this competition that you must follow.

  • It MUST be Halloween themed!
  • You cannot submit a screenshot of another person’s island unless you have their permission.
  • Make sure to include your username in your reply to this thread!

Prizes? YES! We'll be choosing 5 winners, each of which will receive a ProBuilder suffix as well as 10 crate keys. If you already have the ProBuilder suffix we'll get you another.

Good luck, and happy Halloween!
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That's right, KitPvP is 1.8 now and we have a brand new map!

All player statistics have been reset, and that means a fresh start. We have a new map that is nice and flat for your ideal PvP experience.

To celebrate this we're having a competition, the 3 people with the most kills a week from now (Saturday, 4pm) will get themselves 20 KitPvP crate keys.

Enjoy, and good luck!